Thursday, March 25, 2010

Street food IV: Queijo Assado

26. 09. 2009
Queijo Assado means roasted cheese I guess. But it seems to be a common street food on the beach. you see people walking around with a big clear plastic container filled with cheese rectangles. And when people buy them they roast them on the spot with a little tin with a little fire and ashes and it really does work. Then you can have it flavored. I tried one with oregano flakes and it integrates well into the slighly melted cheese. It was really delicious but use your judgement as to whether you should have some. You should generally be cautious about food--especially if you have IBS and are lactose intolerant like me--but I had no problems when I ate some. :)
[Picture credit: Anabel Mascarenhas]

I took this picture at the JAM no MAM which is a jazz jam at the Museo de arte moderna (Museum of Modern Art) in Salvador. you can see that plastic container I was talking about and the pre-roasted cheese on a stick, and the lady grilling it.

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