Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Afro-Brazilian dance

05 Nov 2009
journal entry:
"I had a really nice day. So long though. Port class, section, long lecture, But then I ran home had some steak...then i ran to ACBEU [and unnecessarily becuase I still had to wait for other people] but to catch the bus with people because I wouldn't know how to get there and even going today I wouldn't know how to get back. But I had an amazing time! Super awesome. I sweat more than I ever have in my life in 1 hour. I was soaked and dripping--my face was dripping...It was amazing I couldn't figure out half of the steps but it was fun nonetheless. I think it's something I can eventually get the hang of but def. need to eat lightly incorporated a lot of movements I remember from the candomble ceremony. [It is afro-bloco dancing, so the Afro-brazilian floats/groups at carnaval! and a drummer from olodum was one of the drummers at the dance].
It was also a big step for an ex-germophobe b/c I was being splattered like I was near a fountain [by some sweaty guy in front of me]"

So we paid for the 50 reais for the month, which is like 28 dollars. So a few of my friends and I wll be going for a month.
It was really great, it was more than just a physical experience to me because the sound of the drums was just so penetrating. I can't explain it but it really does move you. And some things I didn't mention in my journal entry was how nice people were to us even though yes most of the people there were afro-brazilian so I kind of felt like I was invading, but people were very nice and welcoming, so hopefully they didn't see it like that. There were a couple of people in particular who took the time to show us more slowly the steps.
There was this one guy who was all over the dance floor, I guess he felt like this is MY dance floor, and he was really all over the place and not watching people aroudn him so he kept hitting people while getting really into the moves, he'd also not follow the line structure that the instructors had asked for, and after a lot of times of stepping on me [while dancing of cours] and cutting me, one of the instructors told him something along the lines of if you're not going to follow the way we're doing this, then bye. and then he toned it down a little.
But there were quite a few guys in the class. Dancing is not necessarily a feminine activity, I see a lot more males dancing--even just out on the streets, than I do in the states.

I love this!

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