Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Português class part III: quarter grade

29 Oct 2009

So we were getting our grades for this quarter since our Portuguese class is split up into two parts. And everyone was so kind of shocked in my class after hearing what the grades were.
So our professor called us in one by one while the rest of us were waiting anxiously by the door and seeing person after person come out saying "well it's not what I expected" some looking really down, others with mysterious smiles.
Then I went in and the grade the professor gave me was a B-. And again as a straight A-of-some-sort student I was also surprised just because it didn't seem to add up to the grades I had been getting on quizes and homeworks and oral exams. I'm not quite sure what happened. And almost as the last person was called in some peers had redone the math and realized that the professor was counting the 10 point exams as 5 points! yay!
then everyone's grade went up more than one grade point. So yes!
Some people really struggle in class, so I will say it's not just a class you don't have to worry about because it is intensive learning but it's definitley doable as long as you're in the correct level. If you feel it's going to fast you can ask to change classes. that's my suggestion.

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