Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Molho de Cana (sugar cane juice)

This is a stand on the street offering what you see on the paper: água de côco, and some other things but also freshly pressed as the vendor is doing now--sugar cane juice.

oh my family bought me a whole cup all to my self. It turned out to be too much for me because as you can imagine it was super sweet. So I saved half of it in the fridge,
but a tip: sugar cane juice is 300% better fresh than even 20 minutes old, so drink up or I also encourage sharing!
It was pretty cheap but I do recommend caution. My friend's mãe who is a researcher in plants and biology said to not drink this because there is some parasite that is found in a lot of these cane stalks, but nothing happened to me, so it's just a risk.
Remember whatever you get, foodwise especially be cautious and check it out well before ingesting it. :) thank you

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