Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sorveteria da Ribeira

1 Nov. 2009
Today, I was moping a little because of certain issues, and my mom was trying to console me. When she then quoted the new popular novela, soap opera that just started. That we need to "viver a vida como a telenovela das oito" live life. Oh my mãe.
But anyway, then she decided that we should all go to Sorveteria Da Ribeira together as a family. Which is one of the most famous ice cream places in Brazil!

As you can see it's been around since 1931, started by an Italian family, and continues in the tradition of a lot of home-style ice cream made right there.
this place has consistently won awards with 3 walls to to post their awards and honorable mentions, and newpaper articles. One of the reasons this place is a mazing is because of the many many many many flavors. Including many tropical fruits of the region, also three different coconut ice creams, green corn, caipiroska, and sometime equivalent to keylime pie.
That's the list of flavors on the wall.

I got a tapioca, and goiaba-natas! It was amazing! I really recommend the tapioca and goiaba, but also the peanut one (amendoim) and cacau and any on the list really. It's all bound to be delicious.


  1. hola , pues aqui tratando de comentar que me encanta todo el tema de Brazil, su cultura, su gente su comida, que tan claramente nos muestras en estas bellas fotos y con tan buena descripcion, felicidades y adelante.

  2. Muchas gracias, yay! que bueno que te esta gustando, y por eso trato de tener fotos para todo! pero como puedes ver, tienden ser de comida :) gracias por las porras!