Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Museum weekend!

31 Oct 2009

Today I had lunch at my friend, Algebra's house. I LOVE having lunch at other people's houses, I know that some mães don't like that so make sure you check before doing it so as to not screw up people's schedules.
But my mãe is fine with it, and my Algebra's mãe is also very sweet and apparently makes a lot of food for my friend and a lot ends up going to waste because she's the only one who eats the meals prepared for her.

We had some of that apple, pinapple, ginger, banana juice. and mashed potato cassorole with little fries, cheese, and vegetables on top.

And rice with peas.
This is a honey-dew melon
For dessert we had fruit and chocolate fondue! It was fantastic! There were grapes, pineapple, honeydew, banana! oh banana was my favorite with chocolate. apple too. It was a great lunch.

Then we went over...all the way across the street to the Costa Pinto museum. Which used to be a house/mansion for the Costa Pinto family who loved to collect antiques from all over the world, and now it has been turned into a free museum to showcase their collections.
There were lots of chandeliers, and hundreds of dining accessories. There was also a religious section with things used in the Catholic church like goblets and crosses, and paintings.

It was rather intense, but it is free, if you're into antiques you should check it out. But no pictures were allowed so sorry.
But here's a website. Click on the "here's".
Then we walked another 5 minutes to the Museu de Arte da Bahia, or Museum of Baian Art (there are like 6 museums within walking distance of where we live).
There was a section on a concentration about the fetishism of bodies. There were some really cool photographs of people and maniquins, and at the end I'm not really sure if they were real people or maniquins or if some were, WHICH ones were and which were not.

There were also some original drawings, some of the first drawings ever made of Bahia. They have the bay and other parts of town and it's interesting to see and compare to what Salvador looks like today.
there was also an exhibition/installation about the Mata Atlântica. There were huge yarn interpretations of the rain forest, so lots of hanging knotted things that really did look very much like the trees and vines of the forest. It was amazing!

There were also these boards and dozens of balls of yarn for people--the common folks--us, to have an opportunity to use this yarn. And I was going to try to also make some tree-like stuff.

This is my friend Algebra's and my work: Tada!
There was a guy there who seemed to be helping people get started on this and he was working on a big one himself. And he came over and said he liked it. I'm like "hahah, we really went out of the box" trying to make a poor pun. But then he realized that we really did turn the yarn around the frame and going out of that box, and he said he definitely hadn't seen anyone else do that.

i bet it was because it wouldn't be able to continue to be integrated in other knittings since it's wraped around the frame hahaha.

It was fun, be we realized it's really hard to do more than 2 museums in one day!

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  1. Si, de verdad se ve como si fuera muy divertido, y que interesante que impresionaste como quien dice al mismo artista, excelente!