Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Pinha is one of my new favorite fruits now!
They have a history in tropical Latin America, India, and Pakistan.
Different names:
Annona squamosa (scientific)
In Brazil: fruta-pinha, pinha, fruta de conde, or ata
other Latin America :
anón, anón de azucar, anona blanca, fruta do conde, cachiman, saramuyo, and many others.
India: Ata, aarticum, shareefa, sitaphal or seethaphal or seetha pazham
Indonesia: srimatikiya
Taiwan: sakya
Philippines: atis
Thailand: noi-na
Vietnam: mãng cầu ta or na
Middle Eastern regions: achta
English: sweet-apple, custard-apple, or sweetsop, I think it's related to graviola (soursop).

It is bumpy on the outside but really soft and easily opens when ripe. The outside reminds me of dragon skin. But the inside is the part you eat. It reminds me of the structure of pomegranate because it has a lot of little kernel type things with seeds but this is white flesh instead of red and the seeds are bigger and it's easier to take the meat off of these. It's so soft that the flesh easily comes off of the seed.
The texture of the fruit is also not crisp and watery or squirty like pomegranate but more like the texture of guava, and it tastes like...oh I don't know. It tastes like a more mild pineapple but not really pineapple. and it's definitely not that acidic or sharp-tasting.
It is definitely something you should try before you die, thankfully it's available in lots of places in the world so if you're in any country or area listed above, look for this fruit!

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