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Parque Pituaçú

07 Nov. 2009

Today we set out for the Parque Metropolitano de Pituaçú!
Again we took a bus the big yellow the one that ends up going to Praia do Flamengo. It was about 1 hour and if i'm not mistaken is somewhere nearish Pituba (in Salvador, BA).
And as we were walking a long the beach to cross the road, we ran into Lean's pai! Her host dad was out ...churrascando? making churrascos. Well, Brazilian barbecuing with his friends and family. He apparently does this almost every weekend.
The churrasco is the method of barbecue of putting the meat on a stick and then putting it in a fire oven.

Of course he offered some to us, so we snacked a bit. I must say this family had some of the best sausage ever! I've eaten a few times at Lean's house and I have to say I like their meat better. :)
So we stayed
The entrance of the park.

These people were feeding some fish that were in this pond and there was a lady selling little bags of food to give to the fish.

Oh yeah the reason we were there was that we had plans for some party like a late halloween party but it was cancelled and I'm like 'what should we do?' That's when I went over to Algebra's house and...I think i ate there again :) so sneaky. But we decided to go to a park, and there was one on the tourist map that Clara the coordinator gave us on the first day that had little bicycle figures on it so we decided, it was meant to be! And we got together with another friend of ours who was in town.
When we got to the park, we had gotten there too late to go to the park by then, so it was actually not meant to be. :(

Then we saw there were swan boats! And my friend and I decided to go together. Just me and her in a swan boat, on a pond, surrounded by tropical forest, as the sun was setting.--it was ridiculously romantic. I mean once Algebra finally managed to get the boat out of dock hahaha. Oh I we teased her about that. She actually somehow turned the swan boat around as soon as we were given a push off and crashed into the dock, then we finally got into reverse a little and then we crashed into other swan boats--which were parked. It was great. I'm really glad I let her drive because she has a license.

This seems to be quite a popular park. There are so many children in certain areas. And here some more street food, popcorn is a super common street food around here. May be important for you to know it's called "pipoca"
horsey. I'm not sure why this horse was here, it was a lone, I mean this park is not a horse ranch, but here it is. WEll I'm not going to complain.

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