Sunday, April 4, 2010

Midterm grades back...

25 Oct. 2009

So we finally got back our midterms after much anxiety. And half the class failed! We were all very surprised. A lot of us felt like the TA, one of the professors, and others involved in the program were writing off our complaints because they kind of assume that in this program in Brazil we were all just on the beach and that's why half of us failed. And there was this huge issue with the midterm. Lots of people were unhappy.
Granted I'm sure a few people in the program did not put sufficient effort into this and fit some of the characteristics of the stereotype above but a lot of people who I know tried really hard (like me *ehem*) still did poorly.

We voiced our complaints and pointed out the problems with their new changes in the program which they were trying out on us. Many felt that we were being tested on a certain level but the professors and resources were not at that level.
The people constructing the program were trying to make it more rigorous because it would stand stronger against budget cuts like that.
So the midterm grades weren't curved but they gave us some points on a question because was the part that.

And lots of people are still really mad about this because they did study and read and are really dissappointed that their GPA is being hurt because of this trip.

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