Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Nov 10 2009
All my Mexican and SPanish viewers check out the Churros in Brasil,--actually pronounced /shujus/ in Spanish or /shoo-whooss/ in English

Yep, if they've made it to baseball games in Japan they have definitely made it to Brasil! And parque Pituacu which is acutally the first time I saw them a few days ago.
There they are on the bottom left.
and they are optionally filled with condensed milk or some kind of thick sweet creme to order.

I am obviously biased since I grew up eating churros in the plazitas de la Consti (I doubt anyone who will stumble upon this--besides my family will know what I'm talking about).
There at the park they were premade for a while too, but in México they are freshly fried in that big
[photo from gomexico.about.com]
coils that are freshly soaked in bubbling oil of some sort, then cut into reasonable lengths, and then rolled around in a small mountain of sugar and cinnamon like you know that churro is liking it. Then they give it to you in a napkin with some grease still escaping the churro, that is the legit churro! Especially when you pronounce it like churro with a hard /ch/ and rolled R.
P.S that last picture is in México just to clear up any possibly confusion.

Oh what a Mexican churro supremacist I am.


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