Friday, April 2, 2010

The bus system

06. Nov 2009

journal entry:

"I figured out the bus system, yay! after how long? 2 1/2 months?!"
So some more bus tips, in case I haven't said this before:
You get on in the back where there will be a little turny thing like at the bart station that turns once you pay. But there is a person collecting payment sitting in a high chair at the back of the bus with a cashier box.

tips my friend's brazilian cook gave us:

"sometimes if we don't have any more money of we don't want to pay, we get on a bus that goes in the general direction of your destination but stay on the steps until the bus leaves and then say you got on the wrong bus so you don't have to pay and you get off and catch the next bus and do the same thing until you get there...but the thing is it does take forever sometimes."

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