Sunday, April 4, 2010


10 Nov 2009

So a while back I asked my mom, if she could easily find some Carambola (starfruit) and if so if she could possibly get some so I could try a bite. She said that they don't usually get them because no one in the house is a really big fan because they're kind of bland. So she got this little bunch just for me.

And here I go and try them obviously because I'm curious but I somehow remember seeing them a different color before like orange or red or something, so I asked if she's sure they were ripe. She said "yes, that's what the vendor said that's it right there, see I told you it doesn't have any taste". And it wasn't that it didn't have any taste but it tasted green, like a distinct unripe flavor, kind of like grass or something. So I decided to wait on it a little while but I really didn't want to be like "you were right, I won't eat them" after her having gone out of her way to get them.

And guess what? They ripened! Much to my delight.

This variety is in fact yellow when ripe and very delicious. It is a perfect fruit for the hot summer because it's crisp and refreshing. It tastes kind of like a citrus fruit but not as acidic.

I put it in my chocolate milk this morning:

They really do make beautiful star shapes.

Here is a ripe batch at the market, althouth looking a little bruised. :(

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