Sunday, April 4, 2010

The cool açaí guy

07 Nov 2009
So we took a 2 hour bus to Praia do Flamengo on one of those really cool bright yellow buses.

We sun bathed/burned but of course we need to be snacking on the common beach foods, acarajé, abará, and açaí. And água com gás that two of my friends are obsessed with. By the way a tip for when buying bottled water, make sure you read whether the bottle says "com gás" or "sem gás" because the former means it's carbonated and the latter is just regular water.

It was really cool when I went to get açaí the guy working there and I got into a pretty long conversation because of a song on the radio. I got there and I'm like (in portuguese) "oh isn't this,...oh what's his name...Alejando Sanz!" And he's like yeah, and I expressed my surprise that they listened to him here, and it turned out that he actually got into Alejandro Sanz while he was living in Spain. He was working in Spain at a Mexican restaurant and then I told him I'm Mexican and he said he loved being with those Mexicans because they were really funny and crazy. I'm like "yeah that's us" jk. But he learned Spanish with them, like my friend Jonas who went to Florida to learn English but ended up learning more Spanish than anything because every one thought he must be a Spanish-speaker.

But yeah he was super friendly he even gave me extra banana for my açaí because that's how I like it :).
But it's always interesting to hear about so many different experiences that people I meet have had, and you couldn't have guessed it by just talking to them.

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