Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Crêpe on a stick

10 Nov 2009

Crêpe on a stick!
I'm not sure how common this food is as a street food or otherwise, but it is pretty much what it sounds like
There are these molds and the person pours in a layer of Crêpe batter and then a filling of what you want.

Here there were cheese, cheese and ham, bunless hotdog (I never know the more appropriate word for these), hotdog with cheese, cheese and oregano, salami with cheese, cheese and goiabada, and chocolate. I went with cheese and goiabada :)

then the last layer of the batter is put on top and then voila finnito--oh wait, they put a stick in there somewhere before the "iron" it together.
And as the sign says they're R$2 so about 1 dollar each. :)

[minha irma e eu! my sister y yo --spanglish translation]
Oh right, and they sell these at that jazz jam at the MAM (museum of modern art) in Salvador. They were really good I give them a **** for street food. well may be another * one becuase it also didn't give me a stomach ache, and it was cheese.

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