Friday, April 9, 2010

More of my home meals:

This is some more food I've been eating so you get an idea of my everyday food. Mind you thought my momma likes to change things up all the time. She had a calendar for the first month just to make sure that she didn't repeat anything :) That is how she is.

This is one of her kind of shepherd's pie-type-dish. It has the mashed potatoes and meat (plus some little vegetables and herbs/spices) in the middle but it's mainly mashed potatoes and it has cheese on top. Muito bom!
A regular meal for me is a little bit of leftovers with new things, usually I finish all the salad of one day so it's fresh every day. And I requested salad every day but my mãe also eats is every day too, YES! Chicken, some spaghetti; in the upper right there is a food that has like a semi-crusty texture at the top that tastes like it has some of that dried shrimp going on, and in it some ground meat and little peas and corn kernels and herbs. I don't know what it's called.
This is fish with olives and slices of potaters.

This is a plate with a fried omlette, so good but I'm sure my heart was not too happy after 2 and a half of these. Rice with carrots and corn with some shredded chicken. Then the little pile beyond the rice a little darker brown was a soy salad. And of course: BEANS! Beans are a staple my pai loves them, so do I. So these are black beans, we'll have black beans, pinto beans, white beans, white beans with the little black dots on them, soy beans and more. But black and pintos are more common.
Here is another version of that shepherd's pie. However this one has more meat in it and has tomoato and cheese on top. I really enjoy it.
Can you tell?

Yes I ate this much.

This is some pork chop with some of that shredded chicken and corn and a little tiny bit of white rice cause remember it constipates me. And then the black beans with sausage. This is the sausage that I liked a litle better than the one that was put in the pinto beans regularly. I don't konw why but I developed an aversion to that taste. This sausage is good though.
The above is a typical Sunday Lunch or dinner, big servings of meat with some cooked and raw vegetables, beans, rice, and farofa. --Except for the chips in the back. My mom--my real mommi sent me some tortillas in the mail! And the organic flour ones were moldy because 1, it was over a weekend so the postal people weren't working, then it was a holiday and then the workers went on strike so it took extra long. But the corn tortillas were great still, and we made some chips. They liked them :)

Do you recognize this? jaja, it's a pizza from the ones that my housekeeper makes to sell on the side of her housekeeping job. The one on the left has tomato sauce, cheese, shredded chicken and corn. The right has that tomato sauce and cheese and sausage rounds. And I put the mustard and ketchip on top. It's actually Catsup not Ketchup.

If this dish looks like rice with hotdog and gumdrops in's because it IS! It also has some tuna in it. My mãe oh my mãe. So I had told her that I like to balance my salty and sweet and I can't have all sweet or all really salty, and this inspired her to make this. It was actually not bad but even she didn't expect that she would ever make something like this; it seemed like she thought it was more of a joke, but it wasn't bad.

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