Thursday, September 17, 2009

Classroom etiquette in Brazil

This is according to our coordinator and professors, and as with everything there is variability but these are still good to keep in mind:

  1. Brazilian students dress much more formally than U.S. students--especially Californians ehem*
  2. Professors like or expect that students greet them and ask how they're doing. It's kind of rude to just go in sit down and then leave, because it kind of gives the message that you're just there for them to perform a service for you and then you leave. In Brazil I've heard it's common that the professor-student relationship is a lot closer than it is in the U.S.
  3. Also no putting feet on chairs, good posture etc. no sleeping, and participate
  4. Another thing that always is hard for some Brazilian professors to understand is why during class almost no one asks questions but once class is over quite a few students stay and ask questions. In Brazilian classrooms students ask more questions because I think most people feel they can get stuff out of other people's questions. And here in the U.S. a lot of people are embarassed to ask questions because they're afraid of looking stupid or think it will bother all the other people who know the answer.
so those are some things to think about

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