Monday, October 12, 2009

Boi Preto after the tour

still 03 sept

Boi Preto is one of the best restaurants of Bahia, and I would believe of the whole country if someone told me. It is a buffet-style churrasqueria, which is like a barbecue /steak house but in the buffet they have all sorts of typical brasilian dishes but also a Japanese sushi bar, and lots of gourmet food in general. The barbecue part is actually brought around every once in a while by the waiters on a stick and they slice it for you on the spot if you want. The whole time i was feeling bad because the people would come by and they'd skip over me and i would have to get their attention, and look very interested ever time they came by with their ribs, and some awesome tender sirloin, but they'd still pass me and I was just wondering why, but then at the end of the meal. After having 3 different desserts I was playing around with this little round paper on the table, and then I actually read it and it said
"nao obrigada/o"
and "sim por favor" on the other side, and then it all made sense. So if you go there and want meat remember to put the green "sim por favor" side up.
But it was amazingly delicious food. I had plenty of lobster and 3 of their 10 different cheeses , and moqueca, and oh eel and raw salmon. It's a little on the more expensive side, about 54 reais (US $30 or less) but for what I ate there I felt I was ripping them off. I say it is totally worth it.
another tip: dress somewhat formally, this is a kind of fancy--i mean they have floss and heart-shaped toilet seat covers so...

Part of the sushi bar. They actually had some sushi with eel and strawberry! which i heard was really good but they had something different by the time I got to it.
We ate for about 2 hours and our professor was really proud of us; he said we were the first group who ate like brazilians, because we actually took our time and went back several times for more. According to him usually people from the US would fill up their plates and be full after half an hour and decide their done.

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