Saturday, October 24, 2009

portuguese class

portuguese class:
everyone has to be enrolled in one of the levels, i believe there are four levels into which you are placed through an exam.

the quarter is actually divided into two sections in which you can get different grades and then they just combine them for your final UC grade.
5 mini-testes 25 points
1 written test 20 points
1 oral evaluation 20 points
2 in class essays (450 words) 20 points
homework 15 points

section I total 100 points

the other half is pretty similar except you have to do a project to present to the class the last day of school.

the mini testes are pretty short and easy nothing to stress about as long as you do homework and pay attention in class, you get 20 minutes but usually people finish in like 10/15 minutes
the midterm is pretty easy too, but it's an hour long.

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