Saturday, October 24, 2009

partido de futebol!


Futebol, pronounced /fuchi-bow/= soccer
So we went to a soccer game here in Salvador: Vitoria vs Palmeiras. And I knew that my family but especially sister and my uncle are huge Palmeiras fans and actually it was my uncles birthday which I didn’t know about when I got the ticket, but my aunt (his wife) made him a cake with the palmeiras flag all over it green and white. It was intense. I had the leftover slice. :)But yeah so I wanted to show my spirit and wore a green shirt.

We took a bus, although I think it would have been way faster had we walked because there were so many people out in the streets heading that way. we were going like 1 mile/hour and it took us for ever to get there even though it was pretty close. But so many people out in the streets and just the close we got there were just crowds of people walking up the hill to the stadium, I felt like I was going to a big Quidich match—but everyone there was RED and BLACK and their Vitoria jerseys! Dude I didn’t realize that Vitoria was the home team and Palmeiras is from like Sao Paulo. Oh man I felt so out of place. But the stadium pretty much filled , there was a little tiny green section. And I think I was sitting/standing behind two of the biggest Vitoria fans there with their jerseys, matching shorts and shoes and wrapped in their Vitoria flags and listening to a little radio to hear the sports-cast. Yeah and whenever Vitoria missed a goal he’d throw his flag on the floor and curse for a minute. But oh it was amazing when they scored because there would be fire works and big like 20 feet tall flags would go up, and they looked homemade too. Then the guys in front of us would turn and hug or give high fives to everyone around. It was actually pretty funny that the first time they scored and he high fived my friends all “eah! eah!” then came to me and hesitated like “oh she’s wearing green..” but then I put my hand up and he’s like “eah!” and gave me a thumbs up.

There were also these little fireworks and the side across from us-- all of them in the middle would be doing the wave and some other intricate choreography going back and forth it looked sooo cool from far away and when they would all yell out in unison it got so loud even though it was a good distance away. Sorry no pictures, but yeah I was not about to have my camera stolen already, a few of my friends took theirs and 2 got stolen. But it was an amazing game. They were selling acaraje and ice cream and popcorn and soda in cups. When it was over, it was another process getting out too. My friends and I just made a kind of elephant line holding on to each other’s hands to not get lost.

okay look at my dedication i got some pictures from my friend just now:

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  1. Que emocionante descripcion, hasta senti como si yo tambien estaba en el estadio presiciando el partido y escuchando todo la emocion de los gritos.