Saturday, October 24, 2009

Culture class

our culture class is divided into 4 modules as i said before
there is an the afro-brazilian experience in all of them

module 1: focuses on the history of brazil and bahia and the african experience
module 2: afro-brazilian religious tradition especially those developed more in Bahia and their relationship with african roots

module 3: Racial identities in music, literature dance, and the arts; cultural products
module 4: concerned with the black movement in contemporary brazilian society, and questions of race and gender ina political context

thre are a few homiork assignments in which you answer questions about half a page long. usually there are around 5 questions per module

then there are 4 , 3 -page papers; one for every topic/module
and it's open to whatever you want to write about some aspect of the afro-brazilian experience that was covered in that module. referencing at least 3 articles from that module

there is also a 2 hour midterm and final (at the end of each of the 2 sections of the course that i mentioned before)

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