Monday, October 12, 2009


Okay, so here are some pictures of ACBEU in
it's a school specifically for language exchange so Brazilian students go there to learn English and other student's go there to learn portugues and about brazilian culture.
Four days a week I study Portuguese for two hours, and two times a week lectures on brazilian culture. We also have a section as in most UCs once a week.
the culture portion covers: history of brazil, afro-brazilian religion, music, art, and contemporary brazil (as to social issues, race and class relations etc etc). And we are taught by different local professors who have extensive knowledge on the topic.
The school is a very simple building you can't get lost, i believe it just has 3 floors, and there is a stage in the back for school productions.

This is the gated entrance, and the ticket booth for the shows, to the left thre is a little patio-type thing with a coffee and pastry/cake/snack stand. I keep my food in their fridge when there isn't time for me to walk all the way to my house, eat, and come back in between classes.

this is in portugues class, we were learning about body parts and that is my professor using the sensory white board that is synchronized with the computer which is being projected onto the white board. you can control the computer with that little stylus she's holding. it's amazing. jk
But i really have liked the classes so far. The professor is really understanding and doesn't leave us too much homework especially on days we have excursions programmed. We do have mini tests every week, and once in a while in class essays, take home essays, presentations on current events, and oral exams as well.
I realy like that every class has only about 10 students so you really get to know everyone in the class, and the professor gets to know you well too. It's very comfortable. oh and another thing: our coordinator is so concerned with our doing well that she customizes the tests and makes up questions with our names at least once in the test and in contexts that are relevant to our real lives and what is going on.

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