Friday, September 4, 2009

So far I have:


Done the application process for EAP, which is for UCs (University of California)
I had to prepare for that pretty much since Fall Quarter to turn in the application in January.

First I had to complete a "New Applicant Questionnaire" which was just to make sure I understood what the study abroad program I chose was all about. Then I went to a kind of orientation to answer questions about the program and we were then given the application.

I did the application as accepted and then, I applied to the Gilman Scholarship and I GOT IT!!!!
oh i was soooo soooo happy it was amazing.

had my travelers health consult at the health center.

gotten an injected live vaccine for yellow fever because it is very recommended for this area of brazil

and i got the oral typhoid vaccine which i am waiting to take later one. they are 4 pills, and i have to take them every other day until i finish them. It has to be on an empty stomach, and i can't eat until like 2 hours after. They are also very sensative to temperature so they have to be kept refrigerated at a certain temperature otherwise they'll expire.

the typhoid pills are the ones in the box, the other pills are for moderate diarrhea. later I'll give more details on all the information that I recieved at the healh consult. such things as dengue and all that good stuff that can only be prevented by these things that i also bought from the health center

They have a good amout of deet to repell mosquitos.

I still have to get my visa though...which is supposed to be processed 10 days after you turn it in.

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