Friday, August 28, 2009

Need scholarships?

Here are some websites with a lot of information on how to do that:

Gilman International Scholarship:

All Abroad U.S. --helping all students to study abroad

Fullbright (especially for those who have a research idea in mind!)

you can also contact the local Rotary Club

There is also this Center for Study Abroad that claims to offer more affordable study abroad programs:

TIPS***: I would really really recommend that you apply to these scholarships. If you are the type of person who is reluctant to look into scholarships because you feel like you know you're not going to get anything--I know, I've been there. But I learned it was totally worth it!

I actually got a scholarship! I got the Gilman Scholarship and it seems like they give out a lot every year, lots of my friends got them too, so really it's totally worth it. I'll do an entry on just the Gilman Scholarship to show my appreciation and how much it helped.

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