Saturday, August 1, 2009


a List of what I've done:
  • first I had to decide where I was to go and with my schools Education Abroad Program, EAP (the UC's program: )
  • Completed the long but do-able EAP application
  • was accepted so more paperwork to do
  • applied to scholarships
  • Had a health clearance
  • filled out a housing questionnaire (for my host family) and included a terrible picture of myself
  • signed lots of papers (things like accepting health insurance, emergency surgery, and saying my school isn't liable for anything bad that can happen to me)
  • I've completed part of the Brazilian Visa requirements (still working on it)
  • Health Travel consult
  • Had my yellow fever vaccination
  • gotten my travel meds (so I don't get diarrhea)
  • BUG repellant
  • and read lots and lots of info on safety precautions
  • kept up my grades, and haven't committed any crimes so that I'm still eligible
This sounds like a lot, but thankfully the deadlines are spread out and it's pretty easy if you pace yourself. yeah I started it all last spring quarter to get my stuff ready by January when the application was due

Here's a picture of a lot of travel health documents about malaria and yellow fever, which I will write about a little bit, EAP brochures (I'll also give a bit of a description of my program later), some parts of applications, health center receipts, and to do lists. A tip is really being aware of all the deadlines because it's easy to forget about them with your regular college student stuff.

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