Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Post!

This, my first blog ever will be a documentation of my study abroad experience in Salvador da Bahia, Brasil. This blog is for anyone planning on studying abroad and has no idea what to expect of the process--like me; or anyone interested in Brasil, culture, and/or food, and especially for my fellow low-income-background peers. It was not impossible for me as a woman of color from an under-funded public elementary school (but I got into a UC), and even though this quarter of study abroad is more than my single-mother’s annual salary.

Also a shout out to all my stalkers! Woot-woot!

In this blog I will be giving a very detailed description of what I've done, what I’ve still left to do before going, what I’m doing once in Salvador da Bahia, Brasil, and possibly some reflections after it's all done. Of course this is what MY experience is as me and in a very specific place and time. Even though every experience is different, I think it could be helpful to hear different people’s stories.

And I really hate posts without pictures so I'll try to supply as many pictures as possible. I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of pictures of food, because that has become my hobby--or rather my nasty habit.
I love you mommy! haha

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