Wednesday, September 16, 2009

tour part 3: bonfim and bus sights

So these are some more pictures from the tour. we stopped by Igreja de Nosso Senhor do Bonfim (Our Lord of the Good End) which sounds awesome right? It is a Catholic church however there are definitely influences from Candomble. There are a few big Festas at this church and in one, they sing Yoruba Chants.

This church is also known for the lembrancas do Bonfim which are these little ribbons that you can always find around the church in several different colors and each color represents a different Orixa. People but them on the gates outside, on the doors in the front, on their car rear-view mirrors, and around their wrists; and you're not supposed to take it off; you wait for it to fall off.
About 95% of the people I've seen in Salvador have at least one on their wrist but since you are supposed to leave it on until it falls off by itself, the ribbons end up looking like strings.

we definitely got lots of waves aboard this discrete bus.

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