Friday, September 4, 2009

the night before...


i have been making a lot of copies of all my travel documents and important information and attending to my grandma who came from mexico to see me off. so... i have saved packing for the last minute... but i did set things apart. my flight is tomorrow. the plane is supposed to leave at 7:25 AM and arrive in Salvador at 12:50PM the next day. Right now there is a four hour difference. it's winter in bahia. anyway it's a very long flight because from Sacramento I'm going to washington, wait their 7 hours for the flight to sao paulo, then from sao paulo to salvador.

So i'm supposed to leave my house at 4AM to get there ontime to check in my luggage have it weighed hopefully it doesn't go over and they charge me.

i would advise that you not pack too much. It's usually like unless it's one or two formal outfits, don't pack anything you're not going to wear more than 3 times if you're there for a few weeks, but if you're staying somewhere for like 3 months like me, then don't pack anything you're notgoing to wear like 10 times, and try to get clothes that goes with other things.

non-clothes items. i am taking sunscreen for face and body, aloe vera gel in case i get sun burnt, the regular toiletries like toothpaste/brush, floss, lotion, etc. my mosquito and bug repellant products, my favorite alarm clock, my laptop but that's optional obviously because there are a lot of internet cafes in salvador and also a comp lab at the campus, hand sanitizer, emergency water purifying drops, medicine for mild diarrhea, stomach aches, heartburn, etc, some milk pain -killer. stuff like that. my diary, my planner, my camera, all my appliance chargers, and a little present for my host family. I chose to bring a poster of one of the landscapes that a local artist painted that was very representative of my home town and i was planning on getting like some postcards and a little souvenir at the airport because there's nothing like that around here.

this is my suitcase like at 1 AM the day of my flight

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