Friday, September 4, 2009

The Application Process

There were a lot of components including a statement of purpose, permission from all the counselors to make sure you’ll be on track, agreement to meet all future deadlines, a housing questionnaire, 2 passport-type pictures one for the EAP program and the other for the housing questionnaire.
The housing questionnaire is for your future host family to view [or several families; I’m not sure exactly how it works but they chose you after reading the questionnaire—and my picture sucked], so it asked your name, age, sex, then about what your diet is like, to what you’re allergic, hobbies, whether you liked children/animals, what things you couldn’t live with and a description of your family, occupation and sibling-wise.
And simply a lot of agreements to things such as the health insurance, and basically if anything bad happened to you abroad you wouldn't sue the UC or the program or anyone, agreements to register the trip at the US embassy abroad stuff like that.

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