Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Rainbow Bus tour

This isn't necessarily in chronological order, but I felt like putting up some more interesting pictures. Then I'll go back and discuss other things, and I'm building up to my food post. mmm... anyway. This was a bus tour coordinated by the program that would go from 2:30 to 7PM
So from the beginning I didn't think we could look more like tourists on this fat bus with a group of 55 people.

But yes the group was huge and we were all touring around together all with our cameras and on the bus whenever the tour guide would mentions some sight, everyone would crowd over to that side of the bus and plaster themselves to the windows taking pictures. It was quite entertaining. Okay fine I did it too, but only two times.

Our first stop was this Farol da Barra, (Lighthouse of Barra). This Barra neighborhood in Salvador is actually pretty close to where I am staying, and all around it there is such beautiful scenery it's unbelievable.

And of course people selling souvenirs and cangas (brazilian sarongs) with such awesome designs. Necklaces, and snacks, and salvador t-shirtsPorto da Barra is the best place for swimming. Since Bahia has so much coast line and beach, it seems like every beach is specialized for something. Like there's one beach that is for futevolei (combo of volleyball and soccer) or this raquet ball game, surfing, swimming, tanning, banana-boating, parasailing, there's a beach ideal for everything.

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