Saturday, September 5, 2009

All window seats forever!

I’ve had the opportunity to fly many times before to visit my family in Jalisco, México. I started when I was very young possibly before I was two years old, and I used to go every year for either summer or winter vacation, (lately it’s been harder because there are a lot of university expenses ant it’s more difficult) so I don’t think I’ve ever really been scared of being on airplanes or anything like that. It’s really not that bad for any of you who haven’t gone before. It can get stressful because of the different documents, rules for carry-ons, but it’s really not that bad as long as you have a designated place for your documents and they usually are only your passport, visa if you’re foreign to where you’re going, your boarding passes, and little tickets that match your luggage that you check in just in case something happens with it, but it’s extremely rare to have complications like that. So that’s really it and they ask for things at different times usually but just have them handy and you’re good. On the plane on an international flight you always have to fill out a customs form, that is a declaration of what you’re bringing in to their country. For brazil I know that they tax heavily on electronics, but for most if not all countries you have to go through special procedures to bring in animals, plants, anything still living I guess, and also arms or explosives, alcohol, and also large quantities of money exceeding $100,000 or something large like that.
The Washington Airport doesn’t have FREE wi-fi. Nothing’s free! : ( . I got this sandwich and water, and chips for $15. and it was like a little tiny sandwich AND the chips were compulsory!

I don’t know why but I had to buy the chips apparently otherwise I’d pay for them and not get them. Anyway at the SAC airport they did have free Wifi, and they even had lotion in the bathroom for after washing your hands. But I’ve spent soo much money on just food. Oh it’s kind of a hard trip a lone, no one else had my flight. But my suggestion would be to try to fly with someone else even if you don’t really know that person from your program. Another thing is bring a lunch from home. Because the food is so expensive, and well I guess I was overestimating how hungry I’d get too, because even though the plane food is in small quantities your body doesn’t get as hungry as usual because you’re just sitting most of the time, or sleeping. So… but food from home is good. And get a very very light carry on, I totally hurt my back carrying around so much stuff. Even though it seems like you won’t be carrying it for long because you’re sitting—no no, really emphasis on the LIGHT CARRY-ON

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