Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Steet Food!!!

Okay two at a time:

This is what the stands look like on the street, if you eat it there, they open it for you, cut it inside the banana leaf or corn husk and offer some butter to put on it. I like them sem nada.

These are two different kinds, one is carima and the other is made of a corn and milk paste cooked in the husk. The name pamonha comes from Tupi, (one of the most imfluential Brazilian indigenous language, on Brazilian Portuguese) pa'muña meaning "sticky" and they are kind of sticky.

The corn one [above] tastes a lot like a tamal, but not quite. In northeastern Brazil like in Bahia the sweet pamonha is more common, but there is also salty pamonha and which is available in Bahia but some places will only have a day in the week that they have it. Other places will make it but only if you make a pre-order.

The carimã kind [above] is made from the Cassava root. This one was the stickier one, and I don't think the taste is comparable to anything I know, but it was really good. It wasn't a very invasive flavor it was possibly a little like tapioca flavor, like boba! yeah like boba in thai pearl tea.

Água de Côco

This coconut water is offered everywhere! And I actually got to go to a coconut farm. Even though there are many coconut trees lining the beaches, they usually don't get the coconuts from there. The price definitely depends on where you are but the more common price was around R$1.50, but some barracas (fancy little hut/restaurants) and restaurants will sometimes charge like R$4

So as you can see, or not actually you missed the important part, they'll cut it on three sides and the top is chopped off either enough so that the top is open or easy to punture with a straw. They usually let you choose your straw, which is pretty cool.
But the best part is when you're done drinking it you can go to any coconut selling place and ask for them to cut it for you and they will, even if you didn't buy it there (at least in my experience)
And they cut two sides so you can have a little spoon to take out all the côco.

viu? that's one of the little shpoons.

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