Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Essay 1 Culture Class

I've been working on my first essay. It's very different from writing essays back in California, I feel like I need many more days to work on this than usual. I usually take a lot of time thinking about the topic and taking notes but i won't actually start writing the essay until 3 days before it's due. But I feel like I need to start writing a lot earlier here, because I can't go late into the night, I'm tired by like 8PM and can't keep my eyes open while reading/writing. It's terrible.
Another difference, it's a little harder when you don't really have that many guidelines. We were just told "write a 3 page paper on any topic within the module that is related to the Afro-Brazilian experience". And since this is the history module we've learned about the colonization period, the different economic and slave cycles, and capoeira. So I'm not sure what a good topic will be and since I don't know how my TA does papers, I feel a little in the dark, but I'm glad we can choose whatever we personally find interesting because, I do find a lot very interesting. Let's see how it goes.

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