Saturday, December 26, 2009

mmm comida gostosa!

I felt like after talking about how salty the food was I have to show that I was sooo happy with many meals though, here's an excerpt from an email sept 24, 2009 :

i had such awesome food today. okay so for breakfast i had some white and black beans with lots of herbs and veggies, and some mamão (papaya), and a long conversation with my older sister--the 21 year old. about what kind of stuff she likes to do with her friends. and about how in november what really IS bahia (salvador) is the practicing for carnaval already. even though it's gonna be like in february or ...march (depending on when lent is starting).
but anyway i have had the best papaya of my life here in salvador i'm really going to miss it and i won't know what to do. i have to have it every day while here and it's so delicious. it makes the papaya over there taste nasty.

anyway then for lunch i had the same beans but so delicious i was happy to have them again, and on top of rice and next to some teriyaki type good. then the sardine apple, cilantro, tomato, chuchu (chayote), and some other stuff salad. and a side of papaya. mmmm. then i had a snack of coco whole wheat cookies. and then i had a nother snack of that sardine and soy salad, and then i had another snack of papaya, and suco-juice de maracujá, and crackers.
then for dinner i had this thing called mugunzá and it's made of corn with coconut milk and cinnamon sticks and cloves. and then cuzcuz, which is like corn bread but the corn flour is more chuncky and flakey and fluffy and a minha mae put some butter on it and had me eat it with the teriyaki chicken. and soymilk. it was delicious. i love bresil and i know that i'll be hecka missing it.

Here's the food: mmm

the salad

Those beans with some linguiça

Mugunzá ^
(it seems like this food also has some kind of indigenous origin because of the corn from the americas, but apparently angola and bantu cultures also have a similar porridge so may be it's an afro-brazilian food with origins in slavery hmm...)

Cuzcuz, one of my favorite brazilian foods!
and here it is with the teriyaki-like chicken. dericious!

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