Saturday, December 26, 2009

Português class part II


Studies: Portuguese class is really fun. Our professora is always trying to make up little games for us to play, always super competitive and some students really get into it. Overall it’s really fun; stuff like pictionary and then each group guesses in Portuguese what word the drawings are depicting.
We also played gestures…in Portuguese of course, my words were way to easy though: hair, eat, cake and stop. (cabelo, comer, bolo, para) but other words were harder like shirt collar and sweater vest, bat. I don’t think all the classes necessarily did this, because our class was the more advanced one so there might be some different activities in each classroom.
But we read articles and debate them in class (in Portuguese). The topics include things like sexual harassment in the visa process, castration for rapists, whether the rich in Brazil are actually the poorest because of how badly they’re seen by the rest of society and how they live in fear. Another time we read news report about this one girl who was expelled for wearing a short dress and 1,000 students were offended by this and were talking about it online or something. Then one day they decided to harass her all day calling her names, and she was expelled for not dressing appropriate to the university environment.

We also listen to songs while filling in the blanks of incomplete lyrics for the song. The songs are really great too. We’ve done skits in class, and current event reports.
I think that’s the difference between my experience in Portuguese back at my UC campus and ACBEU here. The class I feel is less structured and more filled with activities in which you get to interact with everyone in your class, while in Port back at the UC we usually got to practice a little at the end or beginning of class with our neighbors. So I like the structure of class back in California but I like the activities we have here. If they were combined it would be perfect.

Many students feel that they really needed more structure for a better sense of direction and preparation for the mini-tests. So we told our professor and most of us felt there was a big improvement. But my concern is I'm not sure if I’m learning as much as I would like to.

There are mixed feelings about classes some students feel like they aren’t learning anything in some classes and feel like class time is wasted on peers’ questions about curse words. However, there are people here who came not speaking ANY Portuguese and are really falando muito bem now. It’s amazing to me how much progress many of my friends have made from not speaking any Portuguese or even any romance language before to the level they are speaking now.

this is our book.

I think it's okay but we aren't going in order we're jumping around alot, but I like the pictures :). I'm doing pretty well though the mini-testes aren't hard for me at all and I am not the one to study a lot but I pay really close attention in class and ask questions until I understand things, but I know it's not like that for everyone. those are just my habits, but like i said it this course isn't necessarily super easy for everyone and it requires a lot more time for them.

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