Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Itaparica & Ilha dos Frades

Sept. 2009

We went on a boat trip as part of the program we went to the neighboring islands of Itaparica and Ilha do Frades which are around the Bahia de todos os Santos (All saints' bay). It was like a day trip, we first went to Itaparica to chill at then have lunch and play soccer/swim at the other island.

this is Itaparica from far away
We had a DJ and drinks and snacks, fruta! This DJ by the way apparently learned English from Bob Marley songs so he has a Jamaican accent it's pretty groovy. He was really nice. i think he was playing a little samba in this picture but we had all types of music. At one point live: my friends took a guitar and a harmonica and were awesome at them.

This is me looking all chill
on the beach of Itaparica

Ilha do Frade

Me and Yemanjá, the Orixá symbol of mother and protector of fishers

Our lunch was delicious, it was composed of two differnt kind of moqueca super awesome, one was like moquec and ceviche because of all the lime, and I LOVE lime. mmm. and also some fried chicken and some other chicken but as always i'm at the end of the line so I didn't get any of that. aborazados! anyway oh and a little vegetable and fruit salad. gotta have my mamão (papaya).

at this island there was this guy hanging out at the place we were eating and he had this dog and my friends and I went over to admire the cachorro and he's like "wait a second" and he went into a little room nearby and came back out holding some huge lizard's skin. It was, very surprising and he wanted us to hold it and take pictures of it. I couldn't because, I just don't like seeing dead things like that if I'm not eating them. but this was just the skin.

The beach at ilha do Frade was my favorite ever out of all of them for swimming. I was super calm, and warm and just perfect for swimming. I also noticed that the sea water here is a lot saltier than on the Pacific coasts with which I'm familiar. I wonder why. but regardless it was a really nice time. I loved the food! I have no idea what the place was called because Clara didn't tell us, but it was like home-style food all made in big pots and then they just lined the pots on a long table and we served ourselves buffet style.
I was so indecisive about what colors I wanted my silverwear. because most of them i've seen here have plastic handles in bright colors. Oh me and my colors I chose greem and orange. oh and to drink: Guaraná!

On the way back one of my friend's was teaching us basic hula dancing.

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