Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm miss organic brown rice :(

16 Nov. 2010

I thought the homesickness week was over. I was told about the first 3 days and definitely after the first 3 weeks, it's all good, homesickness should be over, but I was NOT told about after 3 months I might want to go back home now.
I am actually kind of sensing among several of the EAP students that they are kind of ready to go back home. Missing their moms and dads, and friends and partners. But I'm feeling I miss the life style of back home and my family. Yes especially my mommi!

I miss organic vegetables and fruits at the farmer's market:

I miss my FARMER'S MARKET in general
oh the apricot jam!!

I miss the cage free eggs, meat from free-range animals, fresh and not salt cured. I miss my mama's beans, I miss home-made pastries from scratch that have some good whole grains in it.

[I made these buckwheat triple ginger cookies above from scratch--not to show off or anything ;), but they were delicious; they had fresh, powdered, and crystallized/candied ginger in them]

I miss cooking!
[enokitake mushrooms wrapped in bacon over broiled romaine hearts with some homemade blue cheese dressing--]
[here i'm making butter-by accident but...w/e it was pleasant surprise]

[some sweet potato fries with freshly grated parmesan--okay can you tell I'm a foodie by this point?]

And baking, I miss baking.[my attempt at a killer-cupcake-inspired cake, it was yummy]

Wow, I guess this is all turning into food. But of course i miss being able to walk around my campus or home town without caring if my cell phone is showing or I have some cash out, or that I look too much like.... a woman? And the fresh air that the ocean brings in.

I totally sound spoiled (and totally, possibly am) but, I think that there is a quite spread consensus that we are feeling ready to go back home. May be 3 months is our point because we're used to 3-month quarters? But at the same time of course I'm happy and grateful to be here,
I not for a second regret coming. And I'm not too worried because I really only have like 4 weeks, oh the clock is ticking I want to start doing my stuff.

well, I think it helps to focus on all the great things, and realize all the things you can still do while here that you won't get to do back home. Try not to feel like the only thing that will make you feel better is leaving, because my friend is in that situation and I don't think that in that mindset you can really enjoy the time that you have left here.

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  1. Studying abroad in Salvador right now, coming from California, and echoing ALL of your sentiments on farmer's markets, fresh food, brown rice, lifestyle, walking around without feeling uncomfortable or "a target," etc! THANKS for the post! Good to know I'm not the only one who feels the saudades for my home comforts!