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Cachoeira III:

15 Nov 2009

The next morning we woke up to this:

At 4 AM! The party began. There was a lot of cross-dressing, I suppose that's an easy costume. The thing is that this party, like Carnaval, is supposed to be toppsy-turvie: social order is turned upside down.

Another common one was dressing up like the stereotypical bahian Black doll. They are usually very black and have a colofrul dress of a particular fabric very bright and eye catching, and hair that is tied in bright orange or yellow scrunchies. The person on the left embodies the doll almost perfectly.
then these dudes with the big heads are supposed to be symbols of the Portuguese. Until then I had never heard of any stereotype of big-headed Portuguese.

Then I decided to take some more pictures of the ex-nun convent. It was a really peaceful place to be.

Then there was this tiny little tiny stairway that led up to the rooms. But I was so scared every time I went up them because it creaked and the steps were so short my whole foot couldn't even fit on them! So on one occasion I decided to prepare myself before going down them by firmly grabbing onto the rail, and all of a sudden the rail shook and I let out a tremendous scream like the whole world was falling apart, because that's how I felt. The one thing that I thought would be stable and it was wobbly and I thought the whole thing sould just break--but alas! it did not! and I'm still alive and well. Isn't that wonderful for us all?!

Down this hall, my friends and I recited some Afro-Brazilian dance steps we learned.
Then I took some time to walk around. Oh actually there was still dancing going on, and my friends and I started dancing at what seemed to be like a little lanchonete or restaurant but they made room for dancing.
And I had to go back to my favortie places like Pouso da Palavra literary cafe.

They had all sorts of stuff there: artisan work
vintage record players, records, cameras
"ancient" irons, oil lamps


Then we headed out to an historical Fazenda (farm) for lunch. But we had this interesting adventure on this bridge. It is historical in my memory because of our encounter with some people who wanted the big 99 Rainbow bus to back up so he could get through first. yeah, i won't go into the details but everyone got through it safely.
And we reached SANTA CRUZ! the farm. I'm guessing this was an ex-plantation, again that's one thing that I didn't like so much that we weren't given a historical background to many of the places we visited, just like look at this nice place and have a wonderful feast of a lunch, but I had no idea where we were.

WE were all really hungry especially after the bridge delay, and I was thirsty and her were these ladies at the entrance offering a beverage, and I take a little cup and gulp it down just to find that it is liquor and wow it burned. It was not what I was expecting and I should have asked but it was dericious none-the-less. It was really great. It was maracujá liquor for which this Fazenda is known.

Man, these plantation/slave owners had it good.
Great view and everything.
We got some appetizers, my poor friend Algebra. So she asked my friend Debbie to test these balls for any meat flavor and she's like "no these are just fried bread" and yes, it resulted that debbie is not very good at detecting meat. :(

I wish I had a video of the phenomenon that followed. Oh my gosh! or rather Meu Deus! And it was my fault. So, remember how I am always at the end of the food line on every buffet occasion and just get to have whatever was left over, usually no vegetables or meat, just the potato or rice sides, and by the time the cooks come out with some more fresh food, my inspiration has left because I have already started eating beans and i'm not approaching the main course in full gear anymore? This usually happens because I'm not the pushy type or because I'm a slow walker and get stuck at the end or both.
But this time, I noticed that the waiters were bringing out to the plates to the buffet table, and I told a few friends "dude, I'm gonna stand over by that window next to the table and pretend to take pictures, because I don't want to be last today"
So I get up and walk over to the window, and my friend Lana fallowed, then another person came up too, I hadn't realized that most of the 55 other people sat up and looked over at what was going on, and they just all start looking at eachother and getting ready to spring forward and suddenly 40 people got up and RUSHED over to the table, that had nothing but some plates on it.
It was ridiculous and to think that i caused this? So I just quickly made a step forward to make sure I was first in line. But it was really really ridiculous because we were just standing there for a good 5 minutes waiting for food, and it was really a Lord of the Flies, survivalist--almost cannibalist moment!
Even Fred got up to stand between us I could see he had a worried look on his face, ready to referree becaus seriously people were like, defending there place in the line and my friend and I said well we have to organize in a way so that there is only flow in one way on each side of the table otherwise we'll just crash but people on all sides wanted to go at the same time! And we're like wow we can't even compromise.
And comments to our couples who were trying to stand together in line and people were saying "hey, that girlfriend boyfriend thing doesn't count here" half jokingly but not really.
Oh the chaos I can cause. I was really not expecting people to actually do this.
But the food was totallyworth it! Look at this goregeous salad!
This was my final plate, yes finally i get the good stuff! mmmmm.... It was soo good, nice tender meat and fresh veggies and onions, and beans, and fried aimpim (manioc)!
This was a great trip. The fazenda was beautiful and I really liked hanging out with my peer friends like this. Just chilling talking eating. loving! It was a great day. Like the mexican saying goes "el que madruga Dios lo ayuda" God helps those who wake up early. haha, but yeah I always find the days that I wake up as early as 4Am turn out to be odd marvelous adventures.
Interview with Algebra:


I thought it was odd that a gas station was right in front of a church....odd is a pretty good word for most of this day. but in a pleasant way.

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