Saturday, September 18, 2010

Language, viu?

So remembering back to my first days with my house family, my mae would always say "viu" after almost everything she said, and I just understood that, as it literally means "you see?"
it's kind of like "understand?" or "okay?"
so you can use it like this, viu:

We have food in the fridge and you're welcome to it whenever, viu?
You can ask me for anything you need, you're going to be staying with us for 3 months so you better let us know how it's going, viu?

along with "entendeu" which literally means "did you understand"
and that's used pretty much like interchangeably but "entendeu" can be used in more cases I think. Like when my friend's host mom talks about her past or some form of gossip it's like "entendeu"
So I was waiting in line all day, entendeu?
or some other kind of empathetic inquiry.
I have to work all day, entendeu?

And they weren't just saying this because we were foreigners and they were asking if we literally understood what they said. They said it amongst native speakers the same, entendeu?

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